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A Collector’s Dream: DOXA’s Limited Editions

A Collector’s Dream: DOXA’s Limited Editions

Watch collectors are drawn to limited editions for several reasons, but chiefly for the sense of exclusivity and owning a timepiece that only a few other lucky people can claim to have too. By their very nature, limited edition timepieces are produced in limited quantities, creating a sense of scarcity that appeals to collectors' desire to own something rare and distinctive. These watches often feature unique designs, special materials or commemorative elements that set them apart from standard models, making them coveted additions to any collection.

DOXA’s dedication to craftsmanship, commitment to celebrating its past and attention to detail, is what makes its limited editions so appealing. These rare DOXAs can have historical significance, be part of a well-known story or commemorate a specific event, all within the concept of DOXA “staying close to the water”.  DOXA is a dive watch company with roots deeply embedded in the history of underwater adventure and these limited run timepieces will surely have their own place in horology’s hall of fame!


DOXA SUB 300 Aqua Lung US Divers

In 1943, the introduction of the 'Aqua Lung' regulator by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan marked a key moment in the world of professional and commercial diving. This ground-breaking technology enabled wider participation in diving, which ultimately led to the necessity for the development of diving watches, a tool to keep the divers safe. In homage to the pioneering spirit of their early invention and inspired by a rare 1967 prototype, the DOXA SUB 300 limited edition proudly incorporates the Aqua Lung US Divers logo on the black dial, which along with the case, was made from forged carbon. This SUB highlights DOXA’s commitment to not just dial color, but also to materials innovation, the perfect amalgam of heritage and cutting-edge technology.


DOXA Army Watches of Switzerland Edition

Keeping with the theme of innovation, the Army was one of the first watches that utilized a case coating, in this instance the steel was oxidized to create a black effect. Primarily developed to take the sheen off the watches for a stealthy military aesthetic, it was the first step in the phenomenon of watches having black coatings. 50 years after the birth of the DOXA Army, the brand celebrated its history with the elite Swiss Army Divers unit by reissuing this model and paid its respects to the early black case by being made in a solid block of black ceramic. DOXA’s relationships with its retailers is a key element of the brand’s strategy and success. It, therefore, made perfect sense to celebrate one of DOXA’s most iconic watches with a 100-piece run in collaboration with Watches of Switzerland.


SUB 200 “130th Anniversary Celebration”

It’s not every day that a brand can celebrate a centenary, let alone an additional three decades beyond one hundred years. It was, therefore, an important milestone for DOXA to commemorate its 130th birthday. One watch that was made in 130 numbered examples was the SUB 200. A stripped back look included the iconic Black Velvet dial, Old Radium markings on the uni-directional elapsed-time bezel and aged lume on the dial. There is something evocative of old dive watches with orange lines of writing and so the watch had 130 YEARS marked in orange text on the dial and an all-orange center seconds hand. To complete this vintage looking watch, the SUB 200 was fitted with a mid-century-esque beads of rice bracelet in steel.


SUB 200 T.GRAPH – 18K Gold “130th Anniversary Celebration”

When one thinks of tool watches, the image conjured up is rarely timepieces hewn in precious metals. As part of its 130th anniversary, DOXA did exactly that when creating the SUB 200 T.GRAPH in 18kt rose gold. Made in an extremely small batch, only 13 examples exist of this reinterpretation of the vintage classic chronograph, that had an orange dial with two sub-registers and the house-special no deco bezel. Each dial is numbered out of 13 and the dial’s hour markers and hands were filled with Old Radium lume for a vintage aesthetic. The "Anniversary" Series features authentic vintage caliber 7734 VALJOUX movements, which have been meticulously preserved for almost three decades, under the watchful care of the Swiss Jenny family who had been stewards of the DOXA brand for more than two decades. There are a few pieces still available of this very rare edition!


SUB 600T Pacific

The 1980s saw the birth of DOXA’s Sub 600T, with a very much of-the-time angular case and offset crown at four o’clock. The limited edition SUB 600T Pacific has a brushed titanium case and ceramic no deco bezel, with a striking blue dial inspired by the ocean after which it is named that was a faithful reimagining of its vintage sibling. The original blue dial from the 1980s was classic DOXA, a brand known for experimenting with different hues on the dial to enable rapid referencing of the time when underwater. The blue dial was back in the limited edition and its 40mm case size also made it a big hit with divers who wanted a modern watch for everyday wear too. The limited edition was made in 200 numbered pieces and was created in partnership with Time and Tide, the Australian partner and retailer.


Creating watches in partnership and collaboration with retailers and watch specialists is always a fun and interesting way to produce watches. These organizations work closely with customers and fans of the brand and their input is invaluable in executing watches that DOXA lovers will cherish and be excited by. DOXA is no stranger to offering its loyal followers special run watches that have become hugely desirable in recent years. And when they launch, you have to be quick; they aren’t available for long! For whatever reason you decide to buy a DOXA watch, as either a diver or a watch collector or both, there is a watch for you that will make you stand out from the crowd with something a little bit different. And those that know, will know.