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Back To The Future - SUB 600T

Back To The Future - SUB 600T

Today we bathe, not only in the beauty of the SUB 600T Pacific Blue, but we go “Back to the Future” in true 80’s style to take a closer look at the non-limited editions of this steel-cased iconic model. We’re not re-writing history with the DOXA SUB 600T, but in typical DOXA style, writing a new history. Once again, DOXA has skillfully created a bridge between the past and the future. This bridge frames the landscape as we look towards the horizon where the sun is of course blazing that glorious DOXA orange. DOXA is the company that literally invented the genre of the orange dialled SUB, but look again and you will see myriad colors as DOXA breaks the mold with the array of vibrant dials on offer.  So, as we say - shades (or diving masks) on and let’s relax into the summer vibes with the SUB 600T.


The Original SUB 600T, introduced in the 1982 DOXA Aubry-Era catalogue was known as the ultimate tool-watch for professional divers and has recently been revived by DOXA, with a zesty spring in its step.

The 80s style references on the re-issue SUB 600T celebrate this model’s cult status. Just like the cult cinematic trilogy “Back To The Future” undoubtedly defines the 1980s with its fashion, eccentric characters and time-travelling transportation, so too does the DOXA SUB 600T re-issue capture the big, bold and bright vibe of the 1980s. Eye-catching colors are, after all, an essential element of any professional dive watch. The classic 80’s hits keep on coming with this blocky and angular diver which unapologetically sits proudly on the wrist with all the style and confidence of a true icon. Details such as the oversized shark tooth markers at 12, 6 and 9, the minimal and quirkily offset DOXA branding, the jaunty angle of the 4 o’clock screw-down crown and the oversized hour markers which all work to enhance the dial, whichever signature color you choose. You’ll notice also that the hour hand is significantly smaller than on the original model. Again, this is classic DOXA; creating legible practical dive tools that also steal the show above the surface. Who says beauty is just surface?


The lume on the DOXA orange ‘Professional’ dial glows gently green during the day thanks to the brilliant, in every sense of the word, C3 Super-LumiNovaÒ. If you are loving the tangerine dream hues of the ‘Professional’, then why not go all-out and pair it with the orange rubber strap for stand-out styling? Of course the classic and timeless DOXA fish-embossed flip-lock stainless steel bracelet is available with all of the diver-friendly capabilities and dive-specific functionalities that we have come to expect from DOXA, but there is always the option of fitting almost any strap that you like due to the 20mm lug spacing…


On the SUB 600T, the “T” stands for “Taucher”, which is German for Diver. On the dial there are details that differ from the vintage original that you may already have clocked….ahh sorry; couldn’t resist. First of all, we have the feet on the bezel, not metres as per the original. Next is the small text at 6 o’clock. The ‘T SWISS MADE T” is simplified to just “SWISS MADE” due to the lack of tritium on the dial that was present on the originals. This pared back aesthetic call certainly adds to the clarity of purpose. DOXA never ever let style compromise substance; it does both and are world-renowned for it.


The colors and combinations of the non-limited editions are addictively browsable, scrollable and there is sure to be a shade for everyone. The vast array of choices that we are now getting used to being spoiled by are; Professional (orange), Divingstar (yellow), Sharkhunter (black), Caribbean (navy blue), Searambler (silver), Aquamarine (turquoise) and the icing on the cake is the stunning, frosty Whitepearl model. Throw into the (cake) mix both bezel options and the two strap choices as well; there is plenty to chew over!


These other models use a slightly different iteration of luminous material; Super-LumiNova BGW9, which glows pure white during the day and in low light is a very cool blue hue. It’s a subtle yet stylish decision that does not in any way hinder performance. Classic DOXA; head underwater, always in good way. The detailing on the bezel echoes the specific colorway of the chosen dial and you can take this matching partnership one step further if you add the color-matched rubber strap to the party. Ticking away within, we have the Sellita Calibre SW200 movement which ticks all the boxes; Swiss Made, reliable and easily serviced. That’s a full house!


As you can tell, with the quality and impact of the SUB 600T making a waterproof splash to a depth of 600 meters, we are totally #indoxacated and who knows; if you start to use the hashtags #yourcalltoadventure and #indoxacated, we might just spot your snap and pop it up here on the official DOXA B-LOG.


So, no matter where your aquatic adventure takes you this Indian summer, be sure to strap on your DOXA SUB 600T for a different kind of journey. Because, as Doc Brown says in Back to The Future, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”