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Classic Chic with A Sporty Twist – SUB 300 Beta Sharkhunter

Classic Chic with A Sporty Twist – SUB 300 Beta Sharkhunter

When DOXA launched its iconic SUB series of dive watches in the 1960s, it set a benchmark for professional dive watches that were built for the purpose of affording divers the opportunity to wear a watch they could rely on and keep them safe in the often-dangerous realms below the surface. In recent years, however, sports watches have transitioned from the tools-of-the-trade of sub-aquatic adventurers to be a mainstream choice of watch for the style-conscious consumer. Now DOXA is launching a new chapter in the SUB story where sporty and chic collide in the form of the new SUB 300β Sharkhunter in black ceramic that is the perfect choice for the modern urban lifestyle.

The SUB 300β, the “β” for beta - beyond the conventional – is the very first time the black and gold color scheme has been utilized by the brand. This isn’t, however, the first time that DOXA has defied convention with its watches. The entire concept of the kaleidoscope of dial colors in the SUB watches set DOXA on a different, non-conventional path that has been its signature for over half a century. The SUB 300β, is more than just a re-imagining of color schemes and materials combinations; it’s a statement of intent that this watch transcends all conventional uses of a dive watch and travels beyond mere water but every scenario of urban living and the haunts of the metropolitan man or woman-about-town


The SUB 300β Sharkhunter’s two-tone color scheme is the perfect interplay of dark and bright, of matte and glossy, of showy and stealthy and yet remains deeply connected with the DOXA codes that defined the SUB 300 and makes it the icon it is today. DOXA has achieved this contrasting by the use of cutting-edge materials and technology that the brand is well known for embracing.

The case is made from black ceramic, that is as hard wearing and robust as it is aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic watch cases first began to appear in the early 1960s and are especially praised for their incredibly hard-wearing properties, rendering them virtually scratch-resistant. Now one of the hottest trends in modern watchmaking, technological advancements have enabled different colors and finishes to be achieved in ceramic with the common attribute of the material maintaining its luster and finish for much longer periods. For modern urban living and accessorizing, the SUB 300β is the perfect choice and will withstand as many gym visits, working days, weekends exploring, meet ups with friends as you have the energy for and, thanks to its Swiss chronometer COSC-rated movement, will always get you there on time!


To make this new watch even more versatile and the go-to timepiece for every occasion, the case has been slimmed down by more than 1.5mm to 11.95mm compared to the SUB 300T’s 13.65mm. The dark tones continue on the dial, with ton-sur-ton black grained dial with black text and all-black date wheel. The black-on-black theme lives on in the ceramic no-deco bezel, with black readings on the matte inlay. The striking contrast continues with the use of shiny gold-color hour markers and black hands. The gold thread carries across to the bezel and winding crown, the former of which is a new slimmer design that gives the 42mm watch a much lower profile on the wrist.


Black and gold is never old. As timeless as the invention of the wristwatch itself, the combination of black and gold is at once sporty and stealthy, yet with an elegance and balance that is unparalleled. A colorway that is synonymous with high-octane Formula 1 racing, thanks to the iconic color scheme of the Lotus team in the 1970s and 80s, and some of the most desirable and collectible watches of all-time, the striking effect on the wrist is beautiful. The overriding visual reference is black with pops of gold accents like the night sky above your favorite city. With this watch, DOXA is adapting its aesthetic and purpose to an urban lifestyle that includes travel, leisure pursuits form skateboarding to free-running and the general hustle and bustle of life.


With a SUB 300β on your wrist, there is no limit to the number of adventures that can be undertaken; anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect choice of wrist wear for any occasion, from a casual dinner with friends to a black-tie cocktail party. The 300β is ultimately a knowing nod of appreciation to a more daring personality beneath the urbane sophisticate donning the ultimate in chic and sporty timepieces. And remember, it’s a DOXA, so a dive below the waves with your SUB 300β Sharkhunter over your wetsuit is well within the watch’s capability!