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Introducing the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II

Introducing the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II

For 2023, DOXA is updating its chronograph family with the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II that retains all the professional attributes and life-saving features as the original watch from 2020, but in a new, slimmer and reduced diameter case size that is perfect for those long, deep and dangerous dives.


Two of the most dangerous pursuits are diving and caving. The former requires attention to air supply and the very strict monitoring of time spent at different depths and a careful plan for resurfacing. When it comes to the latter, whilst without the dangers of being submerged in water for periods of time, cavers (or spelunkers as they are technically known) can spend many days immersed in caves without natural light exploring labyrinths of rock formations and tunnels. What if both of these pastimes were combined? Surely you would believe that this would be daunting and dangerous in equal measure – and indeed it would. The new DOXA SUB 200 C-GRAPH II has been developed exactly for this intrepid genre of diving; a watch built for those with the courage to go where others wouldn’t dare.


Classed as an extreme sport, cave diving is one of the most perilous forms of sub aquatic activity. Rising and falling tides, lethal currents and seemingly impossible dive routes make the sport both unpredictable and prone to accidents. However, not all cave divers are athletic thrill-seekers. It is often necessary for divers to venture into caves in search and rescue operations when divers go missing or when cave explorers become stuck due to tidal shifts or when becoming injured. The equipment a cave diver requires, is far more extensive than a regular scuba diver. Key is a powerful primary light source, as light conditions can be non-existent in large sections of the cave. Important safety equipment also includes progress markers, guidelines, safety reels and, of course, a dive computer. All cave divers also need a reliable mechanical watch. Batteries in torches and dive computers can run out and so the back up of a high-quality watch is paramount.

The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II combines two of the most popular genres of watch – the dive watch and chronograph. In situations when timing is more critical than any other form of diving, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is the perfect choice for a cave diver. One of the challenges of cave diving is the time spent under water married to the fact that the diver may not have access to the surface for long periods. Particularly challenging stretches of caves can often have no pockets of air or any close proximity to the open water of the sea. This situation is amplified due to the tidal nature of caves and the weather, meaning that a cave diver can spend up to nine hours without surfacing.


A traditional dive watch bezel measures elapsed time of up to 60 minutes on the unidirectional bezel. A diver can set the triangle marker aligned with the minute hand and keep a close eye on the amount of time that has passed. The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II allows much longer periods of time to be measured using the stopwatch function. A sweep center-seconds hand begins its revolutions, when the chronograph is activated, and works in concert with minutes and hours registers that allow up to 12 hours of accurate timing to be undertaken. The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II has outstanding luminosity on all its hands, including prominent and easy to read arrow heads on the minute and hours sub dials, with a contrasting square head on the running seconds. So, when you need to measure long periods of time, in difficult circumstances, quickly and efficiently; the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is your go to choice!

The new SUB 200 C-GRAPH II continues the legacy of DOXA’s iconic SUB series of professional dive watches. A follow-up to 2020’s SUB 200 C-GRAPH, the C-GRAPH II is housed in a new 42mm 316L stainless steel case, with a slimline 15.8mm thickness. The novel sunray finish dial evokes a classic aesthetic, inspired by the vintage spirit of the SUB series, with beautifully subtle lines hat radiate from the center of the dial like the rays of the sun. The watch is able to withstand such extreme conditions and depths thanks to its anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal. The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is available in six different colorways with matching FKM straps in the same tone as the dial or for the absolute tool-watch look, you can try a steel beads-of-rice bracelet.

Whilst a fully functioning and professional-standard tool watch, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II’s new case dimensions and choice of colors, also make it the perfect companion for urban adventures. Whether you are enjoying dinner with friends at your favorite joint, hanging out at the beach or timing a lap of your local racing circuit, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is at home. It’s not just a watch for wearing below the sea, it’s as at home on dry land and beyond.