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Sun's Out - SUBs Out

Sun's Out - SUBs Out

Summer is finally here and as our thoughts turn to our vacation plans, long evenings, warm weather wardrobes and barbeques in the garden, it’s also the time to consider what wrist wear we are going to strap on for the upcoming sunny days. What better way to celebrate the season, than with a splash of color on your watch? DOXA is well known for its vivid hued dive watches and now it’s time to enjoy them to the max. One watch that is truly ready for any adventure is the DOXA SUB 300T, a watch that is at home in the pool as it is working professionally at depth!

Orange Sunsets

The fire in the sky as the sun both rises and sets can be enjoyed on virtually every continent. The spectrum of orange and reds that penetrate the horizon is one of nature’s most special gifts…. and it also looks amazing on a watch dial! Orange is an important color at DOXA, as it’s the original color of the professional dive watches for which the brand is so well renowned. Scientifically, it is the color with the best legibility at depth – that's more than just a pretty face! To ensure excellent readability underwater, all components that provide dive-related information are accentuated with a Super-LumiNova® luminescent insert. This guarantees optimal visibility in low-light conditions beneath the surface.


Black Magic

Black is never out of fashion, no matter what the season and whilst it might not be the obvious choice for summer, it’ll carry you forward through the following seasons and still be as versatile and elegant no matter what the weather. The Sharkhunter is a traditional looking dive watch with no nonsense black dial and a bright orange hour hand that looks pure stealth. Enhance this tool watch look even more by wearing the watch on the stainless steel bracelet that features a distinctive " Beads of Rice" style, connected securely with screws to ensure a precise and secure fit. It incorporates a folding clasp with a ratcheting dive suit extension, offering added convenience and versatility. Additionally, the bracelet proudly showcases the exclusive DOXA fish logo on the clasp!


Silver Treasure

Traditionally pirates and all adventurers undertaking a treasure hunt, were looking for sunken spoils, most likely pieces of silver. The cool and crisp appearance of silver resembles the glistening reflections on water and the radiant brightness of a sunny day. It exudes a refreshing and cool vibe, making it a fitting choice for the warm days of summer, evoking a sense of freshness. If you’re looking to undertake your own adventure, then look to the treasure of the silver dial in the Searambler that gives the entire watch a monochromatic look; the steel case and silver dial the perfect companions for a homogenous look on the wrist.


Blue Skies

Lie on the beach with a cold drink in your hand and open your eyes. What do you see? Clear, endless blue skies. It’s a hallmark of the season and has an optimism that’s hard to beat. Just make sure you have your sunblock on! When the sky is blue, add some of that hue to your wrist with the SUB 300T Caribbean. Caribbean by name and also by nature, this timepiece will transport you to a relaxing world where the calm blue is all you need to unwind in the warmth! The ground-breaking original, the SUB 300T Conquistador, was introduced by DOXA in 1968 as the first diver's watch with a helium escape valve available to the general public. Fast forward 50 years to September 2019, and the new SUB 300T was unveiled, serving as a tribute to its predecessor's pioneering design. The Caribbean blue dial looks amazing with matching rubber strap!


Yellow Sands

From California to Cornwall, the beach is always an incredibly popular destination for the summer vacation months. And who doesn’t like the feeling of sand between their toes on a warm afternoon? For mellow yellow moods, there is no beating the Divingstar, with its striking yellow dial with black accents and yellow readings on the bezel. Yellow also adds some warmth to your look, the color being reminiscent of the sun; maybe the most defining aspect of summer. It symbolizes light and radiance, creating a visual connection to the sunny days and longer daylight hours that we can enjoy in the warmest of seasons. Crafted from top-tier 316L stainless steel, the SUB 300T boasts a 42.5mm diameter and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, further enhanced with an anti-reflective coating.


Turquoise Seas

Whether on the Ibizan shoreline or walking along the coast of St. Barts, your view of the sea will be a range of bright and alluring blues, from aquamarine to one of the trendiest colors in recent horological times, turquoise. There's no hotter shade at the moment than this spectrum of blue and, while the watch is as timeless as the sea itself, who doesn't love to be bang on-trend? The SUB 300T Aquamarine adopts the vibrant blue shade with aplomb and takes it a step further with the numerals on the rotating steel no-deco bezel in the bright blue color too. This 3-hand diver's watch seamlessly blends the aesthetic heritage of the SUB 300T Conquistador with the contemporary technical advancements that characterize today's high-performance diver's watches.


White Hot Coals

As the sun sets and takes the temperature down a few degrees, it’s time to light a fire or a barbeque and sit around and enjoy tales of the day. Once the coals are white hot, the steaks, burgers and vegetables can go on the grill and the culinary fun can commence. The Whitepearl dial is a fresh take on the traditional dive watch, with black text and hands with black markings on the no-deco bezel. Black on white is an inversion of the customary white text on black dial that is the traditional look of a diver's watch. The crisp white is transformative and could even be seen as a taste of the white-hot sands of a tropical island! Capable of withstanding pressures of up to 120 bar, this diver's watch is effectively waterproof up to a depth of 1,200 meters. It incorporates a patented unidirectional rotating bezel that includes an integrated no-decompression dive time calculator.


DOXA makes watches for everyone, and its colorful collection palette is a literal rainbow for the wrist for whatever you choose to do this summer. These colours are available across all the DOXA collections, so there is no problem picking a watch to match your style! But remember, that DOXA is never far from the water and so whether by the pool, under the waves, on your surfboard or on the deck of a yacht; your SUB 300T will always help you keep track of time.