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The New SUB 300 Beta: Versatile and Vibrant

The New SUB 300 Beta: Versatile and Vibrant

With the new SUB 300β, DOXA is offering a watch that is as flexible as your lifestyle and is perfectly at home in all environments, from sand bar to wine bar. With a new palette of color combinations and a stunning new dial concept, wherever your next adventure takes you, rest assured that your SUB 300β will be the perfect companion.

The SUB 300 story’s genesis is in 1967, with the launch of a watch that was waterproof to a depth of 300 meters and that negated the need for divers to carry depth tables, thanks to the novel No Deco bezel that featured dual scales to measure elapsed time and the amount of time one could safely spend at the different depths. Central to the watch’s identity was a bright orange dial, itself an iconic moment in the dive watch sector that was dominated by black-dial professional timepieces.


This vibrant dial became one of the leading cast members on the legendary television series, The Undersea World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As the divers entered the unknown water from the safety of the deck of Cousteau’s ship Calypso, they were seen strapping on their SUB 300s to ensure they kept good time beneath the surface.

In fact, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, credited with co-inventing the Aqua-Lung, the inaugural self-contained underwater breathing apparatus and that hailed as the pioneer of contemporary scuba diving, was one of the earliest adopters of the SUB 300 and was so pleased with the watches that he secured exclusive distribution rights for the USA. The DOXA SUB 300 subsequently became a symbol of Cousteau's adventurous spirit and the spirit of those who dared to explore the depths of the ocean.


The new SUB 300β continues this adventurous legacy with a watch that combines the tool watch origins of its forefathers with a modernity and elegance that will appeal to lovers of both watches and all stylish accessories. At the heart of this is a lighter and slimmer steel case that measures only 11.95mm high and a new slimmer bezel design. This watch has been envisaged to sit as comfortably under your shirt cuff as it will over your wetsuit sleeve.

In keeping with the brand’s aquatic heritage, the newly introduced sunburst finish features subtle wave motifs. The wave-embossed dials are central to a new palette of color ways that are a delightful interplay of modern urban sophistication combined with strong hues that celebrate DOXA’s historic pieces.


The PROFESSIONAL features a black sunburst dial with classic DOXA vibrant orange accents on the dial and black ceramic bezel. The text, hour marker surrounds, window around the date and the minute hand pop off the dial with a burst of orange, which, when combined with the orange FKM rubber strap, is both sophisticated and smart in equal measure. The DIVINGSTAR follows a similar recipe but with yellow accents, and the collector-favorite AQUAMARINE brings incredible turquoise hues to the watch.


The CARRIBEAN retains SUB 300-classic orange highlights, but on a navy blue wave embossed dial and navy ceramic bezel insert, while the SEARAMBLER utilizes a silver dial with orange and black accents. All familiar colors and features that fans of DOXA will love, but in a new and exciting concept that is the SUB 300β. 

In alignment with DOXA's commitment to challenging norms and continuously pushing limits, the SUB 300β is a diving timepiece that encapsulates the essence of the contemporary era while fostering a sophisticated, modern sport-chic aesthetic suitable for urban settings. The unveiling of the SUB 300β by DOXA marks not just the continuation of a legacy but an evolution that seamlessly combines the watch's history with contemporary sophistication. From its origin in 1967, with innovations like the No Deco bezel and the iconic bright orange dial, to the watch's prominent role alongside Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the SUB 300 has been a symbol of exploration and daring spirit. Now, with the SUB 300β, DOXA is writing the next chapter of the story, introducing a lighter, sleeker design with a vibrant new color palette and wave-embossed dials. This timepiece not only pays homage to its heritage but also caters to the dynamic lifestyle of today, where elegance and functionality seamlessly meet.