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Welcome to the DOXA B-log

Welcome to the DOXA B-log

What’s the story, morning glory?

If you’re serious about watches, let’s face it, Swiss Made is the very best in the wristness. Every DOXA is Swiss Made and is 100% hand assembled in the heart of Switzerland. When a timepiece carries the Swiss Made label, it carries it with pride. It is as if it is emblazoned in its DNA, illuminating the way and claiming the brightest birthright. Throughout the world, the reputation of Swiss Made watches is unrivalled. Combine this with a glorious history, endorsement from the likes of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the eponymous Bugatti and add unique, innovative engineering and you’ve got yourself a keeper!

DOXA: Diving with the Swiss Army

 So, let’s dive in and turn back time to 1969, the year that the DOXA SUB 300T became the official watch for the elite divers of the Swiss Army. Two years prior to this, the benchmark for professional and military divers was set when DOXA developed the SUB dive watch.

DOXA: The professional dive watch

 Each individual expression of the brand’s personality captures the spirit of adventure, building on the iconic DOXA “professional” colorway; the orange color which perfectly epitomizes the meaning of the word DOXA; Doxa is the Greek word for GLORY! How cool is that?

Whilst each of the vivid hues in the modern DOXA palette does indeed deserve its own feature on our B-Log, the iconic orange “professional” dial is the one that blazes the brightest and that historically made the biggest splash of them all. It is the original sunrise of the DOXA heritage, the eccentric jewel in the, sometimes jauntily worn, DOXA crown and it remains a magnificent radiant sun, clearly visible on the horizon as we look to the brilliant and bright future of the brand, here on the official DOXA B-Log. So, shades or diving goggles at the ready…. we’re going in!

DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Professional COSC 


You only have to search #doxa or #yourcalltoadventure on Instagram to see that the quintessential orange DOXA dial has blazed a trail since the days of Cousteau’s “Calypso Crew” and to this very day can be seen on the wrists of professional divers, collectors and enthusiasts alike. DOXA’s iconic color palette brings outstanding legibility to the diving adventurer below the surface of the waves and unparalleled style to the individual on the sand or streets above. Known to work from beach to boardroom, DOXA has become synonymous as the professional everyday choice. From a spark to a name; the GLORY of DOXA and the brand’s rich heritage, nestled in the heart of Switzerland and dating as far back as 1889, lights the skies above and the seas below.

Join us here on the official DOXA B-Log, as we dive deep into the brand’s history, meet renowned friends of the brand, hear from our growing collector community and look at ways to express the spirit of DOXA through the eyes of those who are well and truly “indoxacated”. Why B-Log? Divers keep detailed notes of their dives in books, known as dive logs. The intention of this blog is that it will be a log of all of DOXA’s most exciting moments in the history of the brand, including highlights from the archives, interesting stories and key moments in our deep dive through DOXA’s heritage. A diver’s log is a testament to dive types, locations, length of dives and other vital information. This is our B-Log and we trust you’ll join us on our journey as we fill in the pages!

Use the hashtag #indoxacated and #yourcalltoadventure on your Instagram grid to spill the T and share with us how you are wearing your DOXA for a chance to feature right here in our new, regular DOXA B-Log. 

We’ll see you back here next time as we walk the bridge between the past and the future and talk cult timepieces. Would you like a sneak peek at the next B-Log topic? Yes? OK, we’re getting close-up and personal with the recently launched, limited edition DOXA ARMY. The DOXA ARMY is a modern ceramic watch, which at 42.5mm with a titanium caseback, both ‘alpenflage’ NATO and rubber diving strap supplied and the trusty SW 200-1 COSC inside, is the collector’s LE of dreams. You’ve guessed it, we are totally #indoxacated.